Can one leave the garden without doing much in the autumn?
i am going to do just that. I am only going to cut the long branches of roses so they do not sway in the wind, move the tender bulbs like begonia pots in the garden shed.
Apart from that I am going to leave all the shrubs and plants as they are.
Why dig around or do what is known as double digging, and cut and trim everything. In the wild all plants just follow their natural cycle. They die down ,remain dormant and and when it is time for them to sprout up again they do so.
So why have we imposed it upon ourselves to make life so hard in the beginning and the end of the seasons. Have we been conditioned to do so by commercial organisations and the television and radio programmes.

I am beginning to feel that this hard work puts a lot of people off gardening.
So I a going to leave my garden to nature this year,and I am going to report back next season. Once the border is well established it should follow its own cycle of nature without any help from us!
have anyone else tried it or have you been doing this anyway?
Advice please.This should stay put anyway,only thing is that it has a huge plume of flowers about to open and they will be killed by the first frost.
Some of the Begonias are still in full bloom.

The sunny border as it is now.

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