Ayaan Hirsi… my thoughts.

I was given a book written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, by my Son, for my birthday in August. And I have just finished reading it.

Those of you who do not know what I am talking about, she is the lady who has written a great deal about oppression of Muslim women and she was the subject of the film made by Theo Van Gough,the Dutch film maker who was killed.

This is her second book and it is called Nomad.

Apart from anything else her book depicts the struggle she has had,and still does in adopting a culture in which she was not born. It is no mean task,I should know. All of us who migrate to another country for a better life are too familiar with it.

I echo what Ayaan says ,that the migrants should be able to give up some of their dogmas, habits and practices and acquire new ones.

No easy task I know . But essential for a successful and happy life.

She goes on to say that  when the well meaning local people try to lobby governments to “exempt minorities from the standards of western societies; they fight for the minorities to preserve their culture and they excuse their beliefs from critical scrutiny”.

She goes on to say that by creating the illusion that one can hold on to tribal norms and at the same time become a successful citizen of the western world, the well meaning do an injustice.

I could not agree more. By segregating ourselves from the rest of country,as immigrants we do a disservice to ourselves and the children we bring up. And create loneliness and misery for themselves.

So i do agree with what she says, I find that if you get to a know your adopted country and the people, the rewards are great,not only for you but for the next generation too.

I should know.

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