Another day and another advert on the television about a charity,with horrendous pictures of emaciated babies,and women with sunken eyes, trying to feed them in dire conditions.

I grew up with my grand parents and parents emphasising the value of being charitable. I have always tried my best,and taught my children to do so too.

I have always felt though that we give because it makes us feel better for doing it. Rarely do we give a thought to the fact as to how much of it actually gets to the needy.

Lately I have become very cynical and feel reluctant to donate.


Recently billions of Pounds and Dollars were donated to the flood relief in Pakistan, and we see reports every day, as to how the victims have not received any help at all. Report after report emphasises this fact and tells us in no un-certain terms that the government or the local agencies have done nothing this far to alleviate the suffering of the flood devastated people.

Haiti too has had the world donating generously when the earthquake struck earlier this year. And we have had the Cholera outbreak there this month. Cholera is a water borne disease, its portal of entry into the body is through ingestion of contaminated water or food. And it is evident that since the earthquake happened, the  basiscs have not been put right, like clean water and sanitation.

So what is point of giving to the charities?  Sometimes we hear that certain CEOs of  the charities are so highly paid,surely when I give to the charities, I do not wish to line the pockets of  some chief executive.

Am I right in thinking this?

Are you as disillusioned when you hear the reports of the very victims struggling for the basics when millions have been paid to help them?

Should we go on giving regardless or should we demand more scrutiny?

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