Lost Children

The McCanns say that they have had enough of “fluffy, worthless words”, and want some action for finding their lost daughter.

It is now three years since their daughter Madeline went missing ,while the family were on holiday in Portugal.

I have greatest of sympathy for them. As a parent am not sure what I would have done, if something like this would have happened to one of my children. They can not even grieve for a loss and put their life back, they are living hoping against hope that their daughter may be found one day. In a way it is like putting your life on hold. They are desperate for someone, like the government and the police to do something,

But what?

I remember at the time there was intense media interest,at one time the BBC had some ten reporters , from their various outlets in spain, covering the case. Documentaries were made, interviews were broadcast,in my opinion there was a lot of coverage of the parents grief and anxiety(it made a good story and they are a very good looking couple). But little attention was on the way the local police were handling the investigations. Once this was done,the flaws began to emerge. This was dismissed as “they do things differently” there. The public though were very sympathetic and money poured on in the trust they have set up.

At one time they had more than a million pounds in that fund. They are now saying that the money will run out in 2011. Hence the appeal for the government to do something.

I wonder though,there must be more children who must have gone missing. I remember Ben Needham, a little boy who disappeared in the 1970s. I remember crying at the plight of that mother. I was a new mother then and the thought of something like this made me shudder.

So what is to be done I wonder,should the government pull its finger out as they want, and scour the whole investigation and launch a new hunt, or should the McCanns start to come to terms with the disappearance,(if that is possible for parents).

I find this is such a sad case.

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