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This wonderful site of ours……

First of all I want to say that I like this site, am here because I like the people here, the cut and thrust of arguments and sometimes fights is amusing and engaging, and it gives a huge insight into human nature, which is both educational and interesting.

This site belongs to a very respectable news paper, which claims every day on its front page claiming that it is the “newspaper of the year”,and it is the most widely read newspaper. So we are part of a wonderful establishemnt.

So you would have thought.

The fact is that we have so far have had three make overs of this blogsite and we have not seen any improvements. On the other hand we have had problems and difficulties which have multiplied.

We do not have a regular editor or the person responsible who listens to our concerns, takes stock everyday and try to amend faults. We get occasional visits by Kate, who tells us to email her of any problems, and answers some questions, otherwise we all are.well whistling in the wind!

Here are some of the ongoing faults, which have been here since the site was revamped.

1. Can not post photos,successfully, they disappear after a day or so. I was told that that my files are too large, though am using the same pixel camera, and the same method. And Hey Presto, some have stayed for a week or so now,without me cropping or doing anything to them. So it is obviously not my files or the camera which is at the fault.

2.Changing avatar, is a mammoth task. I have and so has Rosie, and we both can see our new avatar after we have posted a comment,others can not. I can still see Rosie as a Poppy and she can still see me as my old photograph.(Taken in 2009).

3. At least twice a day, the comments do not work

4. The edit button has not been working, for a few days now.

5. A lot of good bloggers have left, as they could not log on with their regular user names. Christina Osborne being one of them,and there are various others.

No attempt has been made to make things workable for them.

You may ask why we stay here, in my case I like the people here who are the regulars. I have been invited to the Independent newspaper’s site many a times. I have posted a few blogs, but do not find it the same as this site.

If in the future this newspaper wants to follow the lead of the Times and become a pay to read site, with this level of efficiency, it does not have a hope in the world of doing so.

The fact is that they take us for granted, treat us like children and pay no heed to the problems we have, or is it the case that they themselves have no idea how to fix them????

Do please add what other problems you all are having. If the editors and moderators do not care,the rest of the world reading it will care,and wonder if this site is worthy of being a part of the  “newspaper of the year”???

Do the Moderators, editors or anyone else cares to listen to our concerns or they just want to make money by those adverts , and not care for us? Let us face it if we did not write here,there will be NO, MT.

Do you agree?

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