Sex and cultures

I hear that the page three in the Sun newspaper is forty years old todaY.

There was a discussion about it on the radio ,is the page three good or bad for the society?

A psychologist came on air to say that a man he was treating for sex addiction and who is also accused of various crime,says that he was twelve years old when his grand father gave him old copies of the said newspaper to line his rabbit hutch,and he became addicted to looking at pictures of naked women and one thing led to another.

Perhaps it is the same as alcohol, most people can drink in moderation, but some become addicted.

I visited the national museum in Naples last month when I was on holiday there. It was full of statues of men, from Homer to Cesar ,they all stood or sat with their genitals exposed , I have never seen so many naked men in my life!

As a woman I was not sure how closely or otherwise I was supposed to look, I kept a serious face and just glanced surreptitiously ,I didn’t want to be seen to be staring,even if I wanted to!

Was that Art or pornography? Is there a difference ? Or was it a true reflection of the way men went about in the Roman times? Am not sure.

I was brought up in a prudish Eastern society in the East. Where nudity or sex are taboos. With one difference , women openly breast feed , everywhere,in public places and at work,though the do cover themselves while doing it. And no one takes an offence or thinks it is out of place.

Where as in the West,though we are liberal and open about sex,but we frown on women breast feeding in public.


Is it because we have so sexualised womens anatomy that we can not imagine that womens breast might have been created for another purpose too?  Or is it that we are just shy of seeing physical assets in print but not in person when in public?

I loved the picture of Daniel Craig ,where he is standing in water, baring his magnificent torso, but am not sure if I will stare if he was for real! Is this the case with men too?

I think it is a fascinating question, don’t you?

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