A November Morning

Last few days have been glorious here,thought  will share with you the beauty as I can see,in and around my garden.

This was a view of my garden from my bedroom window.  The sky was just a wonderful shade of blue, and everything else ,the colours of the shrubs and trees were enhanced by this backdrop.

This the Yucca in my front garden,given to me as a sapling by my previous neighbour,when we were moving house in 1997. It grown into a handsome plant,though the leaves are razor sharp.It produces this beautiful plume of white flowers every year. Shame that the first frost kills them,but the plant carries on, to repeat the performance!

Inside the Conservatory,things are looking up too. The Bird of Paradise has started flowering and will continue to do so until March. Brightening up my winter,and am hoping it will cheer you up too.

A view of the Canna ,and the other plants, enjoying the sunshine,in the shelter. So are my orchids and lemons.

Anyway it has taken me two days, to find a way to change the size and publish these photos, there is a way to do in the computer itself,but it takes persevering and having trial and error!

I Hope Kate will be proud of me!

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