What class are you?

Recently there has a been a lot of talk about the “commoners” and the royals, which has made some to claim that we in this country are riddled with class discrimination.

The would be in- laws of the heir to the throne were reported to be common because one of the was chewing gum,that they have made their money by enterprise.

One famous conservative Alan Clarke once said of Michael Heseltine ,that “he buys his own furniture”! Meaning that he does not come from a lineage of aristocrats who inherit country houses full of furniture and silver ware,which has been handed down from generations.

So what is the definition of a “Commoner”?  I would have thought that all of us ,who are not born in a royal household are commoners? But it seems it is not as simple as that.

It seems from wearing the right kind of shoes to the way you hold your cutlery are all give aways as to which class you come from.

Never trust a man with suede shoes ,someone once said. And if you hold your cutlery pointing upwards and do not put it  down during mouthfuls are also known to be “common”.

Though I must add that this country may be riddled with class wars,but it does it with sensitivity, in India the snobbery is immense. I do remember the number of times I was sent out of the dining room as a child,for hold my cutlery in the wrong way, chewing loudly and talking with my mouthful1

My parents were and the rest of the family are snobs of a first degree, and it is so obvious that it makes me cringe to think about it.

So what is a class, should we all aspire to be in the upper variety, and does it matter? And do you have to be rich to be the upper class?

To me it does not matter what you are,as long as you are a decent human being,and that surely is not restricted to any class, or is it?

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