Ideal Man/Woman

Who is yours then?

We all know that life is not perfect and none of us can be sure of the future. As we often see that after a big ,expensive and colourful wedding ceremony,when the couple seem so much i n love that it makes your eyes water, something goes wrong and they are on war path and the divorce court beckons.

Remember the wedding of Katie Price (the model Jordan) and Peter Andre? It was all candy floss and chariots. She came in a carriage shaped like a pumpkin or was I unable to comprehend the mystery of the shape? Anyway, highest in this scale must be the wedding of Diana and Charles. The whole nation was swept up in the euphoria. Only for it to end in a bitter and acrimonious divorce. Whatever the reason,but it was obviously an error of judgement in the choice of the partners. I often wonder,as to how so much love can turn into anger and almost hatred?

So if say in the future we are given the perfect tools, a kind of make your ideal partner chemistry box. So how will you go about it?

I would like ; first of all he will have to be tall. Reasonable looking,but if am allowed to imitate George Clooney’s looks ,then of course he will look like him!

He should be kind, gentle and should have a sense of humour, should be curious and interested in life and everything,and like people. Does this seem a tall order?It probably is, as I can not claim that I have all of the above, but hey this is an exercise in imagination, so why not.

And who knows you might come across , just the someone you are looking for.

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