being stranded

Well this has  been a snowy week!

Though we in the west country have had very little of the white stuff,and what little was there has been washed away by the rain on Friday night. The temperature has been +4-5  C ,yesterday and today.

The Telegraph today reported of a pub where the staff and some customers have been trapped for the last nine days! The pub happen to be on an elevation in north Yorkshire. The have able to email the pictures and the details of their enforced isolation to the press.

They say they are playing board games and the staff have been doing some maintenance work too.  And as they are well stocked up for food they are all right for a few days.

Can you imagine if due to some strange mishap we all were trapped, as we are in cyberspace and are unable to get out ,then how would you spend your time?  Or if you were stranded in a similar situation who will you chose to be in your group and why, and what will you do if there are no board games or books to pass the hours?

I was thinking if i was allowed to choose anyone,of course I will choose George Clooney , well just to look at him and admire him and well just try and be friends! even if you have never met them but you do get to sort of know people and have an idea how you will spend your time with them!  for example I shall have Marya to keep my spirits up by her poetry and her gentle manners, Slightly Grumpy and Ant B to tell me stories and pass on some wisdom on writing well. May be Elle, Goaway, Cartimunda, and the Haymaker to have a heated but civilised argument ,and Rosie to tell  me all about her experiences of the NHS. Cheech to tell us jokes and anyone else who wants my company. I hesitate to inflict my company on others ,but anyone who thinks they can stand me they are welcome! Oh and people like Ped and others who know a lot about horticulture can tell us all about it.

We will talk and drink whatever is available and wait for the thaw!

Who would like to join us ,and what will they bring to the party?

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