All I want for …


Love it or loathe it that time of the year is upon us,again! I know I too bemoan the fact that the year whizzes by too quickly. Once January starts ,there is no stopping it,we start looking forward to spring. Inspecting the ground for the sign of something sprouting through, the odd day when the sun shines and the temperature is not biting we convince ourselves that the good weather is just around the corner!

And then we start the count down for our sumer. The annual ritual of the Met office telling us if it is going to be a barbecue summer(or not),the delights of seeing our gardens come to life and joys of basking in the sun and just watching the world go by!

Ah those hazy lazy days, they are just too short! Fast forward to the wet autumn and here we are ,a fortnight or so away form our annual celebrations.

I started having a tree, turkey and the trimmings from the time my children could focus on the fairy lights. I did not want them to feel any different from the rest of the country and their friends. And the tradition has continued since,though our daughter is married into a family where they are devout Christians,our son is an sceptic. He does not believe in organised religion of any kind,nor does his wife,and I am of the same mind set ,but they too have a tree and fun and food. I think it is a wonderful celebration. There is no where in the world,where one festival unites all,religion and faiths and no faiths alike. We all exchange cards, enjoy get togethers and generally enjoy feasting.Whatever anyone says about Christmas,I think it is a wonderful event and long may it last.

Anyway on a personal level,if you had complete control and choice how and what will you choose? Will you still celebrate or just spend the day like any other? And what will your ideal present will be?

I would not change a thing, I love the cake making, the cooking and the family around the table. This year we will have our festive lunch a week ahead. As the children have other commitments on the actual day. So for the first time we will be on our own,and am wondering what ,and if we should do anything? Any suggestions?

My ideal day will be may be sit with something alcoholic and watch some old classic movies, read a book and generally just spend the day in a stupor !!! What will your be?

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