A Christmas Story?

There has been a lot of doom and gloom lately, people stuck on the road and airports and it feels as if some will not get where they are going before the big day. I find when am already snowed in with mounds of it outside and with sore throat and a miserable cold/descending and if you turn on the television or the radio, there are hundreds of people looking at you, while they freeze and try to force a smoile.

And then I heard something this morning on the radio, which has made me feel good and reinforced my faith in human nature.

A burglar who broke into a house and stole some £5000 worth of jewellery and other stuff, realised too late that there were children in the house,and he has never stolen from “children”. So he dropped a note to them apologising and with his mobile number. Fully expecting to be interviewed by the police. But the householders got him in talked to him and offered him a place to live in a caravan in their back garden ,in return for a bit of gardening.

Well he has been living there now for a while,is clean of his drugs habit and is working. Well am not sure if the prison service, social service or any other person would have achieved.

I know I know, we would prefer if he has not burgled in the first place ,but one never knows what makes people fall that low,but is it not wonderful that there are people who have such wonderful spirit of human kindness and forgiveness.

I have always believed that (every) religion should be a force for good,to make us good people,when the believers start using it for inflicting pain and killing then it is not worthy of its name or any respect.

Am notsure if these people were or are followers of any faith,but I think they have shown the true spirit of what religion should be.

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