My position

It sounds a bit dramatic to say that I am considering my position,mostly important people and politicians say this sort of thing,me an ordinary nobody? Why do I want to consider my position, what does it mean,and who cares?

Let me explain.

I have been here for a three years or so,I enjoy reading the banter ,the discussions and the arguments,though I am not usually happy to get into arguments and taking sides. But I feel that I have always seen both sides of an argument,and though I might have not made my feelings clear here,I have agreed with certain points and have even modified my own views,based on some facts discussed here.

Lately though am finding it difficult, as some of you might or might not know I was born in an Asian Muslim family,am married to a Muslim man,have a last name which categorically makes a Muslim. The fact that I was brought up by my very broad minded father to think outside the box, understand other religions and not follow a faith just because am born in it  is another matter. I feel I have benefited with this outlook in life, and y children have been brought up in the same way,to love the country they are born in(Britain), to learn about all the major faiths in life,and to follow what they want to,but to have their own values of honesty,integrity and hard work ;which are not exclusive to any religion. And am very proud of the way they have turned out. And to some extent I have followed similar values through y life.

Now there is such a backlash against Islam,Muslims and everything which goes with it, and am the first to admit that it is not without foundation,there have been many incidents,and outrages across the world and even in this country which has brought this about. I have always ,in my own little way condemned such things, and have always said to anyone who listens as to how wrong it is,and so does my son,who lectures,writes and debates against this evil.

I am however wondering as to how I should behave, I find it embarrassing,painful and difficult to cope with this onslaught,if I say anything I might be told that I am “one of them”, so what should I do? Should I disappear from the blogsites and not read anything, or say anything or should I just not read anything?

I feel I have done everything to the best of my ability,for my adopted country,and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life, at the same time I can not change the way I look and what my identity is!

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