Friends or lovers?

I was going to write  a blog about this last night,but the site would not allow me to even comment ,let alone log on and blog! Someone today said that it is punishment for being naughty. I cant remember doing anything I should not have, so cant think why I was being punished if at all?

Anyway the Womens Hour on R4 this morning was asking the same question,and I felt rather pleased with myself for thinking of something topical.

What I am wondering about is ;can a man and a woman be just friends? And remain so without having any kind of sexual feelings? I have never had a male “friend” as such. I Know a lot of husbands /boy friends and we all have a banter and a laugh when we get together. It never occurred to me that they might be sexually attracted to me.,(you can call me naive). Then may be I do not consider to be a creature the men will find hard to resist!  I do remember though that when my son-in-law was one of the five medical students who were living in the same house as my daughter, they all were “good friends” and had very platonic relationships. I did find it odd the way he looked at my daughter and said to her. I was told in no un-certain terms that I was imaging things and I was prone to being fanciful dreamer etc;…..

Until I was told in very sheepish tones later that they were going out together, and the rest as they  say is history!

So have you had a platonic friendship with a member of the opposite sex,which has turned out to be anything but? And is it possible to remain just friends with a man/woman? Or is it just not possible?

And be honest how many of you have been through it???

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