Electronic freindships

I was listening to a phone in on the radio this morning,where it was discussed that how face book ( the social networking site) has been and is being used to discredit and even abuse people. One of actresses is taking someone on the other site Twitter to court for allowing someone to post abuse to her.

A friend has just written to me saying that though she wants to resume contact with me but do not want to be my friend on face book, as she is not happy if some people will see her there.

I only joined face book as one of my cousin suggested that it will be a great way to communicate with all the other cousins and old friends who are spread across the globe. I am rarely there and then I only communicate through personal messages. But I do enjoy some of the poetry and photographs some people post. I do not have much personal information and nor do I indulge in writing about my day to day life. I am not sure if anyone will be interested, as it is not very exciting anyway! The same on twitter, I go there in bouts, after six months or so I will have a few regular tweets and then nothing! But there are people like Stephen Fry who post almost every five minutes. Kate Day and Shane Richmond do as well, but then they are media people and perhaps they need to be out there.

I have never understood as to why people post intimate details, about divorces, sexual activities and such like, which are then picked up on and abused. One man talked of how a girl hacked into his account and posted her own naked photos,pretending to be him,and he was arrested by police for posting nude photos of a minor. The adverse publicity cost him his job and his marriage and gained a criminal record.

How sad is this, can this happen on any other social networking site? We have lately seen details of some female bloggers and accusations made against them, we have no way of knowing whether they are true or false. But as they say mud sticks. I know the people who run these sites can not always keep a grip on these things, Face book and Twitter can not despite their huge resources,so we can not expect the MT mods to police it all the time.

So what is the solution, can we as a “mature” site set an example? Can we reduce or condemn such abuse or is that is what is known as freedom of speech?

I wonder what you feel.

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