Women and ageing.

The female presenter who took the BBC to court for ageism and won  was on every news bulletin. As someone said she was not that well known before but now her face is everywhere.

Commentators were trying to out do each other in tut-tutting and sympathising with her, but did it not seem like sheer hypocrisy to you?

On one hand the media wags a critical finger at any employer or institution who discriminate on grounds of age, (and it is mostly women ) and tries to convince us that age does not matter, we should ook at the skills and the experience the person has.

And on the other hand,most of the media, both print and electronic is full of articles and advertisements of how to look “ten years younger” , how to erase wrinkles and what wonderful potions/ injections/fillers are available which will erase all signs of ageing from our face and body!

Ageing is inevitable, though some clearly believe it is optional,but why are women so obsessed with it? We as women put too much emphasis on it and are surprised and hurt when we are judged by our looks.  I know someone who does not allow her adult daughter to call her mother,as this will give away her age,nor are her grand children allowed to call her grand mother. I feel sorry for her, she can not stop the process of ageing but she has lost the joy of embracing and enjoying the pleasure her grand children can bring.

Men do not have this problem or do they? In broadcasting the two Dimblebys  who are in mid sixties and early seventies respectively,seem to be going with great success,and so does Sir David Attenborough, who is in his eighties and still travelling and making programmes. No producer will dare to tell any of them that they are too old! On the other hand the young women who read the news at ITV and Channel Five look almost the clones of each other. I could not tell you or remember any of their names, they all are very pretty, with immaculate hair and make up and look impassive,perhaps admiring themselves on the monitor as they read the news!

So how come we do not notice the age of older male presenters? And why does the age of women matters so much not only to themselves but to eeryone else too?

Any ideas?

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