My thoughts on THAT speech.

There has been quite a lot of discussion on the speech given by Baroness Warsi.

As someone who has adopted this country, and have lived here for most of my life,allow me to add my feelings to this debate.

The speech reinforces the “victim” mentality the immigrants have been riddled with. We have been led to believe and expect that the rest of the country will always meet our needs, translate leaflets, make special provisions and generally bend backwards, all we have to do is ask!

Lady Warsi deplores Islamophobia, the irrational fear of Islam, given the recent history of attacks is the fear wholly irrational? Given the history the British people have not reacted irrationally,despite her fear of “slippery slope” to violence, I see Muslims enjoying the freedom and respect granted to every citizen of this country,they all are going about their business,without fear or intimidation of any kind, so perhaps this could be celebrated more?

In fact this country should be commended for the rational and tolerant way Muslims are treated, there is no no threats against like in the USA after 9/11, nor a ban on bans on minarets and no ban on burquas like the French have imposed. I hang my head in shame every time I see a survivor of 7/7 speak without prejudice against any religion, and that one victims family has even opened a school for blind children in India,with the compensation money. Should such things not be celebrated more?

Lady Warsi also reinforces the belief that Islam and its adherents are above criticism,a secular society has a right to criticise and scrutinise every aspect of religion, Christianity is put under harsh scrutiny, would Islam tolerate the same treatment?  The Christian Church invites and includes Muslim clerics, how many mosques have done the same to the Bishops and the other Christians.

I think what annoys a lot of people,and I include myself in it ,is that Islam is beyond public discussion,forget about criticism. What the Baroness should have emphasised is that it is the Muslim who should be more open, tolerant and not consider themselves above criticism and expecting to be the special case always.

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