life on the screen

Films it is said are a very important part of our life. They make important social commentary,try and tackle prejudice and most of all they provide us with an important distraction.

May be that is what I am trying to do!

In poor societies,like India once was,films were the only entertainment.Now of course almost every household has a television. The poor villagers who can not afford it, are provided with one at he village hall, where every evening they congregate and sit wide eyed,where the endless soap operas are broadcast.

The really poor labourers, the rikshaw pullers and the servants,they works so hard for so little money,and have so few comforts in their lives,that watching films has always been the only affordable pastime. for a a few rupees they could lose themselves,watching beautiful women,a lavish ife style and all the trappings of wealth which will never be theirs. They would forget their troubles and feel part of this fantasy world. No wonder Bombay turned out thousands of movies a year and still does.

We were not allowed to go the movies. Our mother went with her family, but father would never watch an Indian movie nor would he allow us girls to do so. He said they were nonsensical and had a corrupting influence. He would go and see Hollywood films and of course they were only for people who were 18 or over.

I remember my first movie with my father was “Psycho”. And remember watching the shower scene through my fingers! After that because I was allowed to, I went to many other. Come September, An affair to remember, and many more.I loved the romance and the scenery.

It is said that we see our problems,solutions and sometime desires when we watch them. May be! So what does our favourite film says about us? I loved “An affair to remember”. Brief Encounter, and others, like Oceans Seven, the Italian job and the full Monty.

What is yours and why, and is the films you like have any influence,similarity with your life ? I think some of the films have left me wishing, feeling sorry and often just pondering.

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