My Refuge

We all need a place which we can call our own. When I was little I remember that I used to love being under the huge Tamrind tree by the side of our house. It had a massive canopy and a huge trunk. I could lie under it with a book, play hide and seek with other children or just lie there and watch the clouds drift by. I could see all kind of shapes in the clouds and make up my own stories!

When I was training in London and elsewhere then the little room in the nurses home was my refuge. I could shut the door and knew that no one can enter it without my permission. There is something quite wonderful about having a little space where you can be alone with your thoughts.

Most of the the time my garden is my refuge, where I just sit around and look at the plants and inhale the smell of the earth and the plants. I love the tranquility of that space, the whispering of the wind and the nodding of the flowers is something which takes me out of myself,I leave all my frustrations and disappointments aside and just laze.

But my real refuge is my conservatory, whatever the temperature outside,I can be among the flowers and every bit of sunshine is filtered through. This is one space I cant do without, I know I will be lost without it. Even when we go on holiday and live in five star luxury, I realise that it is not the same as the peace and joy my space gives me!

They say everyone should have a corner of their own,so what

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