A new DNA testing kit goes on sale in Boots the Chemist this morning.

This will anyone, who has any doubts about paternity of his children to check, if the children are indeed his. This mostly applies to men, as women know for sure anyway that they are the mother.

I wonder if this is a good idea. Though it will clear any lingering doubts from the minds of a father, but what of the child? If a child has grown up loving and being loved by their “father”,if they find that this is not the case then they will be bewildered and hurt and does this do any good in anyway?

You can argue that it is necessary to know about your family and genetic history,as it helps to know, and thus prevent any inherited conditions, like stroke and diabetes. And in some cases fathers who are being pursued for maintenance can ascertain if they indeed are the fathers of the child.

I personally feel that selling these kits will create more problems than it will solve. First of all there is going to be no counselling or support,so once you have sent away the specimen,you will get the results by post,and face the trauma the news may bring. Is there anything to be gained by this or this, or is it another NHS service being offered on the high street?

I wonder if this will catch on? I somehow doubt it,it is not going to become as popular as the home pregnancy kits,which are routinely used? I think there is a lot of emotional baggage with this test?

Perhaps am being simplistic, wonder what everyone else thinks?

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