“Men , a survey confirms are feeble in devising compliments”, said the Telegraph editorial, and often fall back on the all-purpose term of approval “nice”!

I find that men in the West find it rather hard to compliment anyone or anything , where as the Americans and the Asians are rather poetic and profuse when it comes to paying compliments,especially to the opposite sex! But for everything else too, especially the British,they I feel sell themselves short as they will never emphasise their own qualities.

It is very different in other cultures, I have met people from Asia and the middle and the far East, and they all are rather enthusiastic about not only establishing their own worth,but they want you to know and accept the virtues of their culture and their country.

I have nothing against that, but as a teenager growing up in India I found the constant attention of the opposite sex rather tiresome!

Apart from anything else it reduced women to just the objects of desire,there was no feminism in those days in that country,and even now,despite the progress women are judged,to a great extent by their appearence.

So coming back to this survey in the UK,where men feel they do not have to say anything at all! Or it is considered vulgar to offer compliments to anyone or for anything.

It is a bit harsh is it not?

My husband has adopted this trait very early in life, he never says anything! If you push him then you might get “nice”.

But I feel that Britain has this habit of underestimating itself. We never brag about ourselves and we are as backwards in complimenting ourselves as we are to others.

What does everyone else think? I feel that it is not enough just to say “nice”, one should be a bit more specific and generous in complementing!

Am I right?

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