Soul Music

Music stirs something inside all of us. And it remains the longest in our memory. Sometimes a piece can bring back the memories of the past very vividly.When I was nursing I worked a lot in the intensive care unit,and playing favourite music via the earphones,was considered an important part of the therapy, especially for those who were in a coma or induced sleep.

I can still recall any period of my life, by listening to the music of that era. I grew up in India, where music is everywhere. The film industry is very big there,and Bollywood churns out hundreds of movies each month. These are a fantastic escape from the harsh reality of life. Poor labourer or a rickshaw puller, can for a few rupees escape for a few hours in a world of make believe.

Every film has a buxom female, an impossibly smug looking hero and about 12-14 songs and dances! It is these songs which make or break a film,these are released months in advance and become popular,so when the film is released,no one pays much heed to the plotline,but the dances and the songs.

The songs and the music is played continuously,everywhere you go the latest film music will be blaring from all around you.

We had a radio,and I was allowed to have it on in the morning for a couple of hours before I left for school.And these songs were stored in my impressionable brain. Even now I can tell by the first instrument, as to which song it is! To my shame I do not and have never been this good in remembering anything of importance. But now in my old age, each piece of music brings back those years, and joys and the tribulations of my childhood. There have been additions to it now,I can recall hearing for the first time Beethoven’s ninth symphony and for the first time realising as to how wonderful western music can be, and as it was my son who was playing it,realising for the first time that my children have very different tastes, to their parents(he was nine at the time).

I remember the pop music of the 1980s, the period my daughter was growing up. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons bring back the memory of our son leaving for university And the beautiful violin concerto by Mandleson ,played in the Church at our daughters wedding.

So every part of my life is stored in snippets of music of one kind and another,is this the same with everyone else?

Which is your favourite memory which is attached to a piece of music?

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