What can I say?

I have had a couple of emails last week , from someone who has read my comment on this site and are angry with me!

It seems that I agreed with an anti-immigration, anti-Islam comment and hence I was taken to task. Well this will of course will not be the first time, I dare say.

Acknowledging that there are things, which ordinary, rational people find objectionable about some of the trends and practices, is in my opinion right. They are all  NOTracist or lunatics. There are things which I too feel are not a part of a secular western democracy.

Oppression of women for one. A report published last week said that the suicide rate among the Asian women living in this country is ten times higher than the rest of the population. Now why would that be if, as we are told that women are “respected” and looked after in some culture. An Islamic Scholar wrote that women living in the UK should at have a “choice” in the matter of head covering. He said if some women do not wish to do so they should have that freedom.

Guess what, he has received death threats and is said to be hiding.

As someone wrote in that comment which I agreed to, that she did not want to see women clad in black coverings, halal meat used without the knowledge of non-Muslims and the forced marriages and honour killings in this country.

I again agree with it. There is a need for a debate to be had, with people voicing their concerns without being shouted at as racists or trouble makers. It is this clamping down of any concern which turns every debate into a hysterical name calling. Topped by the so called political correctness which has brought us to this state of affairs, where resentments are simmering,and communication is gradually declining.

Please do not brush the concerns under the blanket of racism, and the person who was angry with me for agreeing with that comment, these are my reasons for doing so.

I am grateful that I live in a country that I can express my views without fear or prosecution. And unless we acknowledge these problems, we will never resolve them.

Please acknowledge the problems,that is the only way to overcome them.

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