I have just watched a commercial on the television, for a shampoo for men. It was done rather skilfully. It said it was “German technology for mens hair”! Rather like they say for the German cars and other technology. the way these commercials are done , they try to convince you that their product will change your life, whether it is a car, an ice cream or a face cream. It has the magical ingredient. The secret of success lies not in the product, but the skill of the slogan /advert writer. That can make or break the product.

Since the advent of the television, the jingle is equally important. When I was young and naive, in the 1970s I believed that the bread Nimble, really will make you light enough to “fly like a bird”. The jingles also persuaded me to buy other things too. I never found out if those things were really changing my life but the jingles in my mind said so!

So what are your memories of adverts and which is the one that has not only persuaded yu to buy the product, but also stayed in your mind?

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