The Jubilee Time Capsule

2012 marks the Diamond jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth , and her 60th year as Head of the Commonwealth. To mark this the Royal Commonwealth society ( a charity) is putting together an online time capsule made up of contents generated by people around Commonwealth and covering each day of the last 60 years.

Have a look here;

You can submit a story, take a picture,make a video or upload a song, interview an elderly relative ,anything creative, reflecting on what happened in their community, country or family that day.

I am posting this here because I know that you all are very well travelled and a very creative bunch. Most of you have travelled to many countries and some of you are living and working abroad even now,and by what I have seen some of you take stunning photographs.  People like Tony D, Bubbles,the Haymaker, Amuhd, Bluenote, far too many for me list here, and others who have the Commonwealth connections, like Shermeen,WW, and Lao ,and Duckham, do have a look. Nobby, Cymbeline and many others who are so well travelled and can share their experiences with the rest of the world.And Marya and Ped and others who take stunning photos.

It is free to sign in ,it only takes a few seconds and free to contribute,there there is NO charge,they are grateful for your creativity.

So please spare a few minutes.

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