Personal Choice

The Telegraph today had a list of “Not the 50 books to read before you die“. I looked through the list and found that there are quite a few books on the list which I HAVE read and enjoyed. As I was going through the list I was feeling quite pleased with myself that I have read so many, until I spotted the NOT, on the top!

So how come someone else can decide what you should or should not be reading? The same goes for films and songs, and blogs and people. We all make up our mind, and choose  things which appeal to us as an individual. Has anyone else has the right to  persuade us to make such personal choice?

it is the same in almost every sphere of life, there are magazines to tell you what you should or should not buy,(Which). My husband is terrible in this matter, he will not buy anything spontaneously, it has to be recommended by Which,and a few more websites before the purchase is made. There is a whole industry, which purely exists for the purpose of advising you.

Most of the time I am irritated by them, I read the specification of something I want to buy,if it  meets my needs and is affordable , I buy it and so far have never been disappointed. Apart from one or two impulse buys, of clothes in a sale or so. How about you?

By the way the books from the list, which I have read, and should NOT have read are;

1984- Orwell.

Pride and prejudice.


The Canterbury Tales.

The great Gatsby.

One Hundred years of Solitude.

The Alchemist.

A short History of nearly Everything.

Men are from Mars,women are from Venus.

How to win friends and influence people.

Angela’s Ashes.

Captain Correlli’s mandolin.

The Da Vinci Code.

So what do you think, are they not worth reading? And should anyone tell you what yu should or should not be reading or writing, or buying or eating?

Or are we very capable of making our own choices and suffering the consequences if we are wrong? Would you rather be safe and seek every possible advise and am I foolish to trust my own judgement ?

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