Being Educated

Yesterday Cymbeline was questioning me at length about India, about my past and my education. It was very flattering and interesting ,I suppose a blogsite should be about getting to know about other cultures and people.

However it made me stop and take stock of my own life, and education! I know I have been a great disappointment to my parents. They were of the time and culture where great emphasis is put on being educated,the higher the better!

I am surrounded by such highly educated people! My younger sister has a PHD in English literature. both my daughter and son in law are medical graduates,and so is my husband. My son and daughter in law both have PHDs from Cambridge and Oxford respectively,it is just me and the cat in our immediate family who do not have a pre-fix of doctor before our name!

As I said I left school at sixteen or so and went into nursing training,because that is what I wanted to do, and gained one or two nursing qualifications here and abroad,but academically I have no qualifications,apart from my vocational ones, put it the other way I am the only one who did not go to university in my family. What I did get is, I hope a better understanding of human nature and the world around me. I have nursed two very different cultures,across two continents and like to say that people world wide are far far nicer than we give them credit for.

This brings me back to the question of academic qualifications. we all want our children to go to university,I very much did,the government previously wanted every one to go for a degree. So is it necessary that each one of us should have a degree? Do we and the world looks down on those of us who do not have one? And is it necessary to have qualifications and not the ability to deal with life and the world around us?

I wonder what you feel?

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