Everywhere today there are bouquets and pot plants, news papers are full of it and the television keeps reminding us that we must not forget to buy the flowers/chocolates /perfume for our mums.

I see that the  concept of motherhood varies in cultures. In Asia,mothers really do rule the roost. Various religious doctrines drum it into you that you must not disobey or displease your mother,or the wrath of the gods will descend on you.

Islam proclaims that the heaven lies under your mothers feet. Hindus and Buddhist say that mothers are the incarnation of goddesses. That they are superior beings, and the salvation lies in serving and never disobeying the matriach.

In Asian society you never disobey or answer back to your mother. At least my generation never did,but my children are nothing like it. Of course I get flowers,cards and phone call on mothers day,but they are never shy of telling me that I am wrong, of arguing the toss,and even being angry with me at times. And may be things are changing in Asia too,but even now I see that mothers , more a less have a monopoly! Fathers tend to limit themselves to earning a living  and leave all the child care to their wives.

In the west however the balance has shifted somehow. Fathers are very much involved in birth and care of their children. With the new paternity rights regulation,mothers will be able to transfer half her maternity leave (26 weeks) and pay to the father of the child. There is a man somewhere in the States who has had a womb transplant and successfully given birth. So are men ready for “motherhood”?

The men of my father and then my husbands generation have never touched a dirty nappy, or woken up at 1am for feeding or calming a fretful baby or toddler.

So are we as mother over rated? And are fathers going to teach us a thing or two in child rearing, and lastly would this be the last mothers day for us ,and we will not have this exclusive right to hold the heart strings as they say,of our children?

In other words are we over rated,or are we worth it???

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