When I am 64!

Remember that song About being loveable when you are sixty five?

That was sometime ago when 65 was considered quite old,I remember listening to it at the time and thinking that it was aeons away. Now that I am being fast paced towards the number I would like to think that it is not that old!

Truly though, people in their sixties and seventies are now a days living very productive, contended and happier lives. Surveys show that one is happiest after seventy. As we have come through the struggle of earning a living,raising a family and doing our share of work . So all in all not a bad age to be.

So why is there a raise in assisted suicides? As Christina Odone points out in today’s Telegraph,that suicide has now lost the stigma. Research and insight into mental illness,and empathy with people who have been suffering with chronic conditions,we tend to look at these acts with sympathy. She says that once upon a time they were denied a Christian burial. I do know that in Hinduism and  in Islam it is not accepted. It is said that the soul wanders and does not find salvation. I am not religious so I can not confirm or deny this,but this does seem a desperate act,and very hard for the loved ones left behined.

Is this because we are so obsessed with youth, that we can not face the fact that our looks are declining?  Do we feel a failure if we start to look our age, and stop being as energetic as we were in our younger days? Does this make us lesser of a person?

A perfectly health 80 year old lady has just ended her life at Dignitas clinic ,simply because she did not want to face old age. I think this is a really sad indictment on our society and our thinking ,that we feel that people who are young,fit and look good are the ones who should remain among us. And those who do not meet this criteria feel so disenchanted that they want to end it all.

I am not sure when this started,but the industry which wants to keep us looking young for ever has taken a big hold on us. Everywhere there are clinics and salons which want to turn back the clock. Reminds me of the Egyptians who clung to life so much that the wanted to preserve their bodies,along with all the stuff for living in the tomb,forever.

Will we be remembered as the people who wanted to mummifie ourself in youth?

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