A thought.

I wrote this comment on the Telegraph blog (Ed West; “Pakistans’s problem is that we are not British enough”), and 110 people have recomended it!
I would like to know what you think about it,and do you have any thoughts on this??
I am really disappointed in our Boy David! His remarks both in India and Pakistan show a lack of dignity and statesmanship. They smack of appeasement and sycophancy.
The language he used in India was neither diplomatic nor wise. If he knew he was going to Pakistan within a matter of months,he could have used better language to tackle the issue. At the time I cringed,because it came across as an ill thought of and cheap remark.
The truth is that Pakistan IS the home for terrorists. Their secret service has been shown to be involved with some cases. And here is our
esteemed PM,almost denying all this and telling them how wonderful they are.
As for the aid, noble gesture am sure,but should there not be questions asked about the millions and billions given by the rest of the world,after the floods and the earthquakes,the victims are still suffering and living in dire circumstances. Did our government not have the guts to question before handing over millions more? Or do they not have the moral courage to do so?
Talking of aid, I notice that India gets a huge amount of aid from the UK. Considering that the Indian economy is doing better than the UK,why are we handing out these millions? Should the Indians not feel embarrassed for taking hand outs? And where does this money go? There is no evidence to show that this money has improved the life of the poor in that country,apart from making the politicians very rich.No wonder their members of parliament can afford to spend £35 million on the wedding of their children.

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