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MT as it was

I am reposting this from 2008.

Just to show,how kind,humane and friendly this place can be. I came here under the illusion that someone will notice my writing and will ask me to write for them! Alas my writing was not good enough for that,but I got in abundance is,friendship, kindness,support and friendship.

I wrote this blog when my mother died and I had to fly to India, and carried on writing from there,throughout the ordeal of heat, family feuds and my grief.

I just want people to see how friendly and supportive the people here are.

“I was going to write a little note for you all anyway,to say good bye ,then I saw Janh`s blog,as she is asking us to write in appreciation of someone or something, which has made a difference to our lives or we have admiration for. I thought I will tell you aout my choice.

I didnt have to think very hard. YOU all have made a great difference to my life. Befriended me and given me the confidence to keep writing, and learning.

It has not just been writing though, I have come to you with my grief , and my joy of my daughters wedding preperations. You have smiled with me and held my hand when I was grieving. Though I was alone here, my children being elsewhere, and family far away, I could come to you for sympathy and you all were there. Some of you took the trouble to dig out my email address from the archives and write to me personally, and took the trouble to phone me, and I have met a couple of you. Please believe me, this all has meant a great deal to me. I felt that I was among friends, and people who cared.

You all are great people, you are funny, articulate, knowledgable,and have a sense of community. You can get angry with each other, but you also know how  to support others. I think this is a unique place, and you all are just great people , and am so lucky to be among you all.

So please look after yourselves, enjoy the good weather, am devastated, that for the first time I will be missing the Chelsea Flower show. This is the only time I watch most of the license fees.So do write your thoughts about the show, so I could catch up when am back.

So this is my contribution for the appreciation tag.I very much appreciate all of you.

Last but not least, thank you the Telegraph, for having such a super bunch of people in one place.

Take care of yourselves.

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