Films for Life

The movie channel is running a season of films for life. as they call it. The films one would never grow tired of and can watch again and again ,are the ones which come into this category.

I watched a film called “Random Hearts” last night. It had Harrison Ford and Kirstin Scott Thomas in the lead role, and t was a very good film. Good,and thought provoking but not something I will watch again and again and will not be tired.

While watching the film I was intrigued the way Harrison Ford kissed his leading lady. One had simply gliding through her hair, and then slipping down to her shoulders, a very sensuous way ,I thought. And that made me think, do these movie men behave this way all the time? Are they this caressing,gentle and sexy,or is this something they only do on the screen?

I wondered(and felt jealous too).

Anyway so are there any films you will never be tired of watching?

There are very few films I have watched more than once,and here they are.  I am never tired of them. May be this says something about my character!

1. The Bucket List.

2. An affair to remember.

3. The Full Monty.

4. Brief Encounter.

And why?

The Bucket list is such an uplifting and meaningful movie. Fantastically acted by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson,it is uplifting and somehow touches on the meaning of life,well as close as a movie can.

An affair to…, has Rock Hudson and I think Deborah Kerr, a love story,it appealed to me when I was a teenager,and I can still watch it.

The Full Monty, is just great fun! It is a low budget British movie which has made millions. A everyday story of ordinary folk,told with humour and understanding.

Well what can I say about the Brief Encounter ,it is an all time classic. I think it is great ,because it is!

What are yours?

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