Justice for all?

I read the other day that another celebrity has taken one of those “super injunction ” to block news papers publishing the details of whatever it was that they were doing. I am not in the least interested about reading s to who is sleeping with whom, but obviously a lot of us are,hence the newspapers are constantly looking for such sordid details. As the latest trial of the Murdoch press shows.

What concerns me is that these super injunctions can only be acquired by the super rich or the super influentials. It costs a lot of money to obtain them, so they are completely out of  reach for us the ordinary folk.

Is this fair?

Should the justice not be the same for ALL? How come if we ordinary people are attacked in the media/press /web we have no recourse, the local rag can get hold of a story about us and prints it,or one of the radio stations is in mind of broadcasting it,we have no way of stopping it. Because none of us have the resources to apply for an injunction or taking court proceedings.

I used to think that the British justice was meant to be for all , not just the few who have a lot of money to protect their reputation, is this fair?

The internet has provided an open space for anyone to vent their anger and frustrations, sites like these have moderation but there are others , where one can print anything and the accused has no recourse to justice. Facebook has had many cases of suicide, where mostly youngsters have been so badly bullied/defamed that they have committed suicide, so is it a fair game?

That we ordinary folk have no protection from justice in this country?

I wonder what is your opinion.

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