I am Happy!

What with the new commission for happiness and in London volunteers giving you a hug to make you happy(perish the thought), I have decided that I am happy.

Why you may ask?

Well not because I have a perfect marriage (has anyone?) or that I am rich,but because i have found that it takes very little for me to be happy!

I have just been sitting out in my garden, watching the sun set in a flawless crimson sky. The Bluebells are out and their heady perfume was making me almost drunk, the trees were buzzing with bird song. All kind of birds, I can never identify all of them. I had a glass of wine, and my little radio tuned to radio 3 and alternating between Classic FM. And then they were playing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.

My cat came and sat on my lap purring,and I sat there absolutely contended and really feeling the Ode to Joy lifting my heart.

I felt that this was happiness. What ever frustrations, disappointments and failures I have in my lfe(and God knows I have many), I am at this moment of time Happy. This is my happiness,and I feel content and fulfilled. I do not need a commission or the volunteers to hug me to make me feel happy.

And then to complete my happiness,I logged on and saw the pictures of the birds nest posted for my by Piggy, and of course Dixon of dockgreen made me giggle ! Thank you.

So what makes you happy and do you think that happiness is such moments in life ?And you can not buy it, acquire it at will or find it in hugging!

So what makes you happy?

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