Is it time that we expressed our preference as to what kind of blogs we really want to see on this site?

When this site was started none of us knew what it was all about, at least I did not. We started by just saying what ws on our minds, then the disagreements began,which is a healthy sign,and then everything else followed.

So what is this site now? How will you classify it? Is it a debating or a social networking site? Well I would say it seems like a social networking site because we have got to know each other,we more or less know what is other person about,well more or less. We all have our favourite topics we blog about,and want to raise issues which are important to us. Like the garden, books, writing, and animal welfare,which Catrina does with grace and empathy.

Religion however is a contentious topic. There is no where in the world where one can talk about their religion without having disagreement. However tolerant one may be, and I count myself among the tolerant ones, even I groan when I see the Jehovah’s Witnesses walking towards my door,and try to disappear in the garden! I know that they are good people and they do not mean any harm,but my eyes glaze over listening!

Then there is my gardening , some of you find it boring,sorry about that, I know how you feel but that is my passion and I do apologise if I bore you with it,but at least it does not cause any controversy! And some may also enjoy it.

So it comes down to the choice, what does everyone wants to read? Shall we vote on it? If not then am afraid we will have to put up with the status quo. I feel that in a way this is a good blogsite, we express ourself within reason, we argue and we make up,it is the microcosm of our world.

So folks ,especially Charles,whose blog “what has happened to this site”, made me wonder, in reply to you Charles, I think there is nothing wrong,if you think there is something then please tell us, and may be everyone else will tell us too as to how they would like this site to be?

May be we could express our wishes and get a code of conduct and abide by that?

So what kind of blogs do you want to see?

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