Faith and Healing

Well the faith healers to be precise!

I watched a documentary last night on C4, where the magician Dan Brown , “trained” someone to be a faith healer. The man who was chosen after auditioning many hopefuls,was given training in public speaking, acting and taught scriptures. They then flew to Texas,to the Bible belt as they call it, where such “healing” is big business.

The result was astonishing, one such healer lived in most lavish surroundings,having made millions by donations alone to his self made foundation. This “trained” healer from here was also able to have the desired effect, making people swoon and relieving pain instantly.And of course they the demand for or the all important “donations’ rake in the money.

I was interested as India, as a matter of fact most of the Asia is full of such Charlatans. The death was announced yesterday of one such guru called Sai Baba in India . Both the Telegraph and the Times have published his obituary. The massive influence he had on the Indian government , but both the obituaries mention the allegations of sexual abuse, trickery and magic tricks. Still the Prime Minister of India has issued an statement today , of admiration and sorrow, not a hint of the various allegations and the investigations by the foreign journalists and others.

So it seems these tricksters are at it from the villages of South India to Texas and other parts of the world.

This makes me wonder that on the one hand, we deny the existence of any God, we are in the 21st Century, we have huge advances in every sphere of science and we are almost ready to clone human beings,but when it comes to believing in such dodgy practices, we blindly follow the leader who ever he/she may be? Why?

No religion is exempt from these practices, Muslims in India have “shrines” in almost every city,where some or other miracle man is buried. People go there and ask for their wishes to be fulfilled, and then go back and donate a lot of money. I know of one such shrine in India where the daily takings exceed two to three hundred thousand rupees. Or £ 2-3000.

So though thousands are killed in the name of religion,but the devout followers obviously are willing to attribute such powers to anyone who claims to possess them?

What a strange world we live in.

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