What Now?

I always come to important news late, this morning I was late getting up and on the radio I caught the phone in, where some people were talking of Christian forgiveness. All to the effect that the Christianity teaches us not to kick the fallen . And then it slowly dawned on me through my hazy mind as to what has happened.

So Osama is dead.

I recalled the day he came to prominence. I was in India,visiting my parents. Sitting in one of the usual power failures I was listening to the BBC world service on my little radio,when they interrupted the news to say that they have just had news of a plane crashing in the world trade tower. It was such an unlikely news that the the announcer said he was not sure if the news was correct. I remember telling my father and him making fun of me,telling me I must have heard it wrong! When the power returned we switched on the t.v. , the first picture was of  a huge fire, we thought it was a movie(not the old Inferno film again ,I said), but it soon became clear that every channel had the same scene on. We sat there almost throughout the night watching the coverage. I also remember the next morning watching president Bush announce the invasion of Afghanistan,to “hunt him down”, and my father saying that they probably will not find him in the maze of those mountains. And that this will be like the head of Hedra, you chop up one and another erupts.

I remember my journey back to the UK, how the security had changed, how the names like Ahmed became suspicious, and passengers with that name needed greater scrutiny.

This one man had started something which has been responsible for millions of deaths, when you count the people who have died,by radicalising Muslims, by attacks ,and the subsequent wars. I hope he is explaining this to his maker, if there is justice then he should be made accountable for it.

I would like to think this will end a bloody chapter in our history, that this will be a symbolic event to think that we all are part of the same human race. That Muslims have earned themselves a very bad name,where as before this hatred was propagated we all lived in relative peace, not a complete one, but this man has harmed Islam, killed innocent Christians and made this world a dangerous place.

I hope those who followed him will now wake up and renounce the violence and hatred he has propagated.

I will not say rest in peace, as I am sure he will not.

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