My Garden in May

I find that there is nothing like the nature to sooth ones nerves, put things in perspective and generate optimism. The changing seasons, the determination of the plants to brave the most adverse conditions and come up full of colour and joy. There surely a lesson for all of us!

I have found that plants demand so little and give so much, the myth that gardening requires tears and toil is not true. You only have to put the right plant in the right place and the nature does the rest. Study after study shows that gardeners rarely suffer with depression, have a brighter outlook on life and are generally more patient and resourceful.

That was the pep talk, now enjoy the plants!!This is my Clematis, the white ones are called Wedding Day, and they were planted for my daughters wedding in 2009.The garish Poppies, they are the size of a dinner plate! They were here when we moved here.

My pond,full of Newts and frogs! They keep making plopping sounds.Corn flowers and my blue corner.

This is also to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have posted their good wishes for us, they mean a

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