The word weekends,makes you instantly think of freedom, a good time and having fun.

Even if you are not working throughout the week , you look forward to it and plan things to do. Somehow our brains are conditioned from childhood, and we can not shake off the habit of a lifetime.

When you are at school the thought of an approaching weekend is delicious, no home work, no need to see that maths teacher you hate,and no need for PE or swimming,Hurray!

The weekends of my childhood in India were almost always spent visiting,or having visitors to our house. Indians love nothing more than cooking,sharing and eating,and of course company. All those aunts,uncles and cousins,and if it was not family,my parents had a very wide circle of friends, and we either visited them or they arrived at our house. Laughter, food and play was how my childhood weekends were spent.

When I came to the UK,our weekend were spent exploring London, we lived in Kent and then Surrey, and we took a train to the city,and just walked around,sampled food , went to museums and exhibitions,and ten to the cinema. As we both worked full time it was a welcome break from the pressures.

Throughout our lives, our routine changes ,we do different things, but weekends remain a constant. We look forward to it and feel a sense of freedom , even if we are free throughout the week!

So what do you do on weekends? I usually spend them in the garden if the weather is good, breakfast on the patio, then a trawl through the Sunday papers, a long and late lunch, sometimes on our own, but quite often with friends, or our children. I love those weekends when we all are together, chatting, gossiping and laughing a lot. Friday always dawns with the anticipation, and Sunday comes too soon.

When it is time for everyone to go back to their work  and lives, and awit the next Friday.

So how have your weekends changed? And hpow do you spend them these days? And oh what will be your ideal weekend?

Do tell.

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