A lot has been in the news about the super injunctions, gagging orders and sensational revelations.

One thing is for certain,that if we did not have this ferocious appetite for knowing every deatil,in the lives of everybody,then there wil be no need for such injuntions.

Watching the news yesterday, I watched bemused when every bulletin was led by the heading that Sir somebody or other has had an affair with someone he worked with, similarly it was amusing to know that Andrew Marr was under the impression that he has fathered a child,(am I bovered? NO),but that is as far as it went. I was not bothered either way. There is nothing to suggest that the collapse of the Bank of Scotland was due to the fact that the head man was sleeping around! It is comical to suggest otherwise, when you take into account, the number of people who who worked at that bank and global factors. which might have contributed to it.

I listened to a phone in this morning, where many media men gave the reasons as to why the private lives of the rich and famous should interest us, one went so far as to say that “some famous men are having un-protected sex,and the partneres involved and the public have a right to know”! Errrr no thanks, I draw a line on what is in the interest of the public and what interests the public.

The political and commercial wrong doings of the politicians and big names are certainly in the public interest,and the press should have the right to alert us, but not what they get up to in their bedrooms and with whom, I for one do not want to know ,thank you.

What worries me is that the whole thing has become a vehicle to get revenge with others if you are that way inclined, simply embarrassing someone for the sake of it. Does it serve any purpose? Has any good come out of us knowing who slept with whom ,so far? No is the answer.

It however sets a precedence,of bullying and outing someone for the sake of it. The examples of it are every where,Face book to Beebo, there has been many cases of posting embarrassing pictures and details,and some youngsters have even tried to kill themselves,as they could not face their collegues at school or university the next day.

Even on blogsphere,not a day goes by, without hearing about anothers follies. We had awful stuff about Anna and Araminta and her family,in what way was it constructive or interesting? Some years ago we all would have been ashamed to write or read something like this, but now it seems everything is fair game.

To me it seems worrying, what about you?

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