Faith and Medicine

So there is another controversy about a GP talking about God to a patient! The doctor in question has been given a warning ,for the misconduct as the General medical Council calls it. Not long ago a nurse was disciplined for offering to pray for a patient.

I often wonder as to why religion has become something to be derided? The clue must be in the atrocities committed in its name, or because it causes so much strife among humans.

A week or so ago C4 were showing in their short slot “4thought t.v.”, the topic that can faith cure cancer. Many ordinary people came on to say that their cancer has been cured by prayers and believing in God. And  some just laughed about it.

When I was nursing, patients regularly wanted to be taken to the hospital Chapel. Especially the ones who were having terminal care. They felt comforted to connect to a superior being. I would sit in the back , while they prayed and had a few private moments, and then will bring them back, I never questioned, encouraged or discussed faith or the lack of it. I felt it was not my place to do so. If they talked about it I simply listened. As doctors and nurses are given a code of conduct, because the patients are vulnerable, and what we say might have a greater impact on them than we would want.

But this GP has preaching religion to him, I have nothing against any religion,I respect people who have a strong belief in the God of their choosing,but if the health professionals were given the freedom to preach religion then just imagine! We have in this country,doctors from all across the world, we can start a religious dispute right here! Muslim doctors can recite Quranic verses, Hindus can preach re-incarnation and Sciencetologists and Moonies can preach whatever it is that they do!

So though I have nothing against any religion,I think it stands to reason that doctors and nurses should stick to the facts, which have been tested and proven by science. That is a safe area to be. Because as a professional that is what you are paid to do.

What do you think? If religion is comforting to some then why should it not be included in the therapy? And is it is a Christian country then what is wrong with the doctor talking about Jesus?

And why is religion such a taboo these days anyway?

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