Joining the dots..

When the world was new, sorry when I have just started blogging on MT, an American blogger, am not sure if it was Quincunx or Terrible Turk ,or John who suggested to me that I should read a book by someone called Ayaan Rand, called  “Atlas Shrugged “, it will enlighten you he said.

Before that I have never heard of the book or the author,I just tucked that information in my mind for later,and then read a synopsis of it. I must admit to my little brain it did not make much sense. It was way above my comprehension. So I did not actually buy the book or thought more about it.

Until that is, I watched a programme on BBC 2 ,on Monday ,called “All watched over by machines of Loving Grace”.  Strange title I thought, but it came as recommended by the t.v.guides, so I sat down and watched.

It is not often you watch a programme on t.v. which is done with such skill. Though it was putting forward the most radical and complex issues, it was doing it in the most comprehensive way. Everything was explained without being patronising, and the viewer(even this ignorant one) was beginning to join the dots mentally and making sense of it.

The long and short of it was that Ayaan Rand was an extra ordinary Russian American writer who developed a system of belief known as “objectivism”. What it advocated was that had no hierarchy, we all acted as self regulating “heroic individual”.

Her book Atlas Shrugged,suggested that ” virtuous selfishness” in  a dystopian America.

Alan Greenspan who was a devotee of Rand and who has been the most influential man in shaping the American dream followed this philosphy.

What seemed most plausible was that the ideas of Rand and Greenspan were the starting points for the stock market, the power of the internet, and the social networking sites, this all are the off shoots of that philosophy which was initiated by that author, her book and her inner circle who held the power in corporate America.

It makes sense to me,then I may be wrong. Though the Times reviewer Sarah Vine says the same thing. I think if someone like me who has no interest in such issues can see the light and start to join the dots and understand it, then it is the triumph for the programme makers.

It is not often one can say that a t.v.programme is ground breaking, in this instance I will say that.

And I will recommend it whole heartedly. The next episode is on Monday 9PM.

I cant wait.

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