Our Privacy

So the person who flaunted the super injunction on Twitter has been named and identified. The Sunday Times yesterday published the details of him, his age, marital status, occupation and his home town, all were there to see.

First we were told that as twitter was based in California, so our law did not apply and people can tweet merrily,exposing whatever it was that we wanted to, safe in the knowledge that the details of the account holders will not be revealed.And now the person has been named .

So what of other social networking sites, more so what about MT? You know things get here heated in discussion, religion,race,gender everything is up for discussion as it should be, people say things which are taboo at times. The moderators are not monitoring all the time,so if some one feels really aggrieved and wants to report someone to say the police or any other body,will the Telegraph reveal our identity?

What do the lawyers among us think?

Because there always be something ,sometime which will “hurt” or anger someone somewhere, and if this made public do we have a right to remain anonymous ? What is the legal position of the Telegraph? Are they obliged to reveal our identity to the authorities?  Because when we sign up we do reveal our personal details, so will the MT happily hand them over for asking?

If so we should be told.

I would love to see someone from the Telegraph come and explain this to us,because as we know even people with a noble aim like Julian Assange of the Wikileaks are facing trial.

So how careful should we be or do we have complete freedom of speech?

Do you agree?

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