Reading Books

I was quite dismayed to read today that a survey has found that in some households the only books are catalogues and advertising material. And some children will never read a book outside their school.

I think it is rather sad.

I do remember one of my children’s primary school teacher telling me that she has children in the class who have never seen or owned a pencil or a book or anything to do with reading or writing.

So will our generation be the last to own books? There are so many things to pass the time or to learn from these days, computers, social networks and endless television. So why should people buy, read or have books in their house?

I have found that throughout my life my taste in reading has constantly changed. when I was a girl I read everything written by Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes), and Agatha Christie, my reading was censored by my parents, I was not allowed anything remotely romantic until I was about 17. And Then followed Denise Robins, Hermina Black(Yes I know, it seems dire now),and Jane Austin and George Elliot. Then I went through everything by Dean R Koontz, Stephen King, Cairo and everything to do with doom and gloom. Since about late 1990s my I started reading what you might call the classics, some of them anyway.

So has your taste changed over the years or do you still read the same authors and similar kind of books?

And will you continue to read or have you found other mediums to enrich your lives/

Oh and did you know there is a new and advanced menu now for us when we are writing a blog, you can add videos from Youtube, flicker ,spike,(whatever that might be), Blip ,etc;etc;.

I will try and find one for the next blog!

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