I think recently the site Mums net and some other groups launched a campaign against as they called it “sexualising our children”.  An MP also raised this question in the Parliament some shops have withdrawn the padded bras and suggestive logos on tee shirts and childrens dresses.

Would you say it makes a difference? I probably would say yes, because I am the product of an era and a culture where I was not allowed to wear make up or trendy clothes when I was growing up.

But mothers now have a point when they protest against the merchandise which makes their little ones look way beyond their years.

I was quite surprised to read that  beauty saloon in Essex is offering spray tans, manicures and eyebrow shaping etc; to even toddlers.

It seems girls should start looking after themselves from an early age. True, rules of personal and dental hygiene etc; should be taught from an early age. But having spray tan, false nails and other things surely are not necessary at that age, are they?

It begs the question that does it not create a complex among the youngsters whose parents can not afford such treatment, and do the young girls not grow up feeling that they HAve to look a certain way to be fulfilled and successful in life?

I find this quite alarming and also duplicitous on part of some mothers, who on the one hand demand that the stores and fashion houses stop exploiting their children,and on the other they are willing to subject their children to such practices?

I wonder what you think?

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