Men,looking good!

Well what with Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant and Simon Cowell’s Botox. it is the latest trend in male grooming ! Men are spending a lot of money these days, says a survey; in trying to or looking good.

Well why shouldn’t they, you might ask? After all it is the age of equality?

Well, to old and sad women like me, men should be just that, rugged, and natural. Any enhancement by artificial means, somehow makes them less of a male in my opinion.

OK hang on, before you shout at me, I admit to being old fashioned, and stuck in my ways. I admit to being in love with the ways of Clint Eastwood, and Colin Firth! Men who are in my opinion just natural ,with warts and all, or are they? At least they look pretty natural to me,perhaps that too is the magic of editing and loads of make up who knows.

Sometime ago it was said that Tony Blair ,when he was the PM , spent £10,000 annually on cosmetics! He used foundation and highlighter and that sort of stuff. He did look very presentable though,so what if anything is wrong with men wearing make up?

Did you know, there is such a thing as “Guy liner” (eyeliner to you and me). moisturiser for men and a foundation.(If any of you are wondering as to what is,it is the stuff we women use to cover minor blemishes and make our complexion look even,anyway that is my excuse!).

I somehow can not imagine, the veterans of this site,like Larry, Tony, Cheech,Adextra, Haymaker, Amicus, Piggy, Villagepest, and others wearing it! So is it a certain type of men who will wear it or this is the sign of progress,and why should men not be on equal footing to women in this department?

Go on tell me, should they? Would you? And if not then why ever not?

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