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False identity ?

I have watched the saga of the fake blogger unravel with fascination ,alarm and with grudging respect for the person concerned for deceiving the world.

I first saw on Newsnight, an item about a female gay blogger, known as Amina, who has been blogging as a “gay girl in Syria”. Obviously thousands were following her,as she posted “eye witness accounts” of the atrocities in the country. And then she suddenly disappeared, and there was a campaign launched on various social networks find her. And wait for this; the  fact they were on Newsnight was because those campaigners were using a photo to demand her “release”.

Now wait for this , she has never had a picture as an avatar for blogging, but people looking for her had a picture.

And they Newsnight were interviewing the poor woman, whose picture was used, she is someone living in London, has never blogged and her picture was stolen from her Facebook account by someone and a campaign launched to find the “gay girl” in Syria. This woman was distraught.

Now it turns out that there NEVER was a gay girl in Syria! It was an American man living in Scotland.

Now living in Scotland how could he give an eye witness account of the “atrocities in Syria” beats me.

So it begs the question,how much do we really know what really is happening in those countries?

Is the media this gullible that they can be manipulated with such ease?

Christina Odone asks in her blog if we would have paid this much attention to her if she/he claimed to be a Christian? Was the fame due to the fact that she portrayed as a “gay” girl?

I ma all for the media informing us but you wonder how much of this information is true?

So how many female “cute” bloggers are burly men pretending otherwise?

We should be told!

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