Closed Communities

The children’s minister Tim Laughton has said that “closed communities and political correctness” has hampered the investigations in the child grooming case.

He was of course referring to the case in which, out of 57 gang members, 53 were found to be British Pakistanis.

A lot of people complain of racism, and bias in all aspects of life,including on this site when some people raise such issues and question the motives behind such hideous acts. I will never demonise any community or people, and am very mindful of the fact that criminals such as these can be found in every community,religion and country. And the police and the various bodies in this country are very mindful of this and do act with great care and fair mindedness.

But what really surprised me most was the fact that on these pages  or elsewhere no one from the Pakistani community has written a word condemning these vile attacks. There have been no interviews, articles or radio debates.


I am not from that country and I have never been there,but I still feel a great deal of shame and embarrassment that people from the Asian sub-continent,can be capable of such things. It is one thing to have a cohesive community which can support its members and help them in their need,but it is totally un-acceptable to close ranks when people from that community commit such serious crimes and there is no condemnation,at least not openly.

Can you imagine if this would have been done by a gang of White youths and the victims would have been Asian girls? Am sure there would have been at least one statement from our Prime Minister, and all the notables and not so would have been beating their breast in public to say , what a racist country this is.

I am concerned and worried , both my daughter and son in law are White British, most of my friends are the same,and I wonder what kind of a country my grand children will grow up into?

I would have liked to see a total condemnation from all the agencies, communities and all those in authority of these nasty individuals. The Asian community in general and the Pakistanis in particular should have shown these people, how vile their crimes are and how they want to disassociate themselves from it. Then only such people can understand that they will not be protected or shielded by anyone. And that might warn others who are of the similar mind set.

Am sure there are plenty who are as disgusted as the rest of us are, so go on tell the world.

Where are they???? According to the PM, we are ” all in it together”.

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