The business of caring

I watch the drama “Holby City” often, whenever I have nothing better to do that is, as it is all about doctors and nurses and politics and money and patients!

It has become quite political lately.In last night’s episode the hospital’s chief was angry with the doctors for treating someone who might have misused drugs, for spending theatre time on doing surgery which was not “profitable” and promoting specialities like plastic surgery which will”bring in revenue”. The administrator concluding by saying “welcome to corporate Britain”.

We all are aware of the furore which followed the proposed health care reform bill. All professionals were up in arms, It was being sold to us as the biggest shake up ever ,but then they have to pause as the public outcry became deafening and even the professionals joined in the chorus.

So is there anything wrong in reforming the health service which is at the moment the biggest consumer  of funds? What is wrong with making money? All the other countries work on that model ?

Because our NHS has not been built on a business model. It has always been there to meet the needs of the population, not gauge the size of their wallet before they provide the care.

But how long can this be sustained? There are many conditions and treatments now available which were never even dreamt of at the time NHS was conceived. How will you keep it going if not by becoming commercial? How do other countries manage?  We are a wealthy country by any standard should we not be willing to pay for our health?

Everyone else in the world does, or don’t they? Perhaps some will tell us of their own countries and how is that run?

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