Ethical Press?

It is sad and un-ethical that Milly Dowller’s phone was hacked into,goes without saying. But can we lay the blame entirely on the journalists?And how come we condone some hackings and not others ?

When the Telegraph posted the details of the MPs expenses (I will probably be banned from this site for raising this), no one closely questioned as to how the details were obtained,the same goes in the case of the corrupt cricketers. Everyone was pleased and rightly so that such a scam has been un covered. And no one condemned that their phones were hacked into. The same goes for a lot of celebrities, the late Princess of Wales and the conversation between Prince Charles and now his wife Camila Parker-Bowls. The news paper set up a hot line then,where at a premium rate those conversations could be heard,again and again. No one,then got on their moral high ground to question as to why and how their very intimate conversations were being broadcast to the nation. They may be famous,but they are entitles to their private lives too,what right we have to listen to their most intimate conversations?

Such hackings have set a trend, and journalists see it fit to hire private investigators to hack into people’s phones and make their private lives public.

Have we not condone this behaviour by listening to  and reading,these juicy titbits?

Today even the PM got on his high horse to condemn this, I do not remember anyone condemning the publicised hackings before?

It is very sad that it subsequently turned out to be such a tragic outcome for Miss Dowller and her family,but probably if the detective would have un-covered some clue as to her whereabouts and the outcome would have been different would there be such an outcry?

I would condemn ALL hackings,past and present,we can not pick and choose. They are criminal acts and should be treated as such. If it is un-lawful to listen to someone’s private conversations then that is how it should.

Whether it un-covers an illicit affair of the Heir to throne,a cricketer or MP’s expenses we should not condone it,then and then only the press might think twice before taking such actions and will adhere to the law.

Public interest should not be a reason for breaking the law.

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